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Putting The Pieces Together

Updated: May 10, 2020

It took a long time to figure out a design for the desert that didn't involve a cactus. There were ideas but nothing that really inspired. Then one day on hike to Pusch Ridge there was finally something that was worth getting the tile saw out for.

I'd never seen Bighorn Sheep before, but coming across them there, up high above the view of the city was something else. It was not just the sheep, it was the fact that the busy metropolis was down below, busy in its daily hectic routine, while here above in the hidden skyline there was something of nature going on in all it's majesty, with nothing but the wind to make a sound.

It took a long time to actually get the time to do the project. Redoing a shower is a big project in itself, never mind trying to put a whole scene into the wall. Luckily there was no press for time.

In the end this became more of a tribute to the city than the bighorn itself - that's often lost when people see the pictures I think. The skyline is tucked away in the corner and not the focus and often not even seen, so perhaps that's a flaw in the design. But of all the things I could change if I were to do it over again, that's not one of them.


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