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Matt has had a rich and varied career, but whether it's graphic design, writing, or working in various physical mediums, the creative impulse has always been the driving force behind his work. 

Matt Mann was born and raised along the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Despite the region’s affluent reputation, he grew up as latchkey kid in a small, modest household, where he focused primarily on working a variety of jobs through his adolescence before going off to college.  


After graduating with a degree in English, he spent a year in California working on boats before moving back east to Boston, where he found a job with Harvard University Press.  When his department was closed, however, he took a job in the field of Historic Restoration, which appealed to his blue-collar background and work ethic, and helped foster his appreciation for fine craftsmanship.  This was the initial step in his career to moving outside the office and work independently, and afforded him him the opportunity to work on landmark buildings at such historic sites as Boston College, MIT, The Old North Church, among many others.

During this period he attempted to fan his creative flames by using his writing ability to develop an assortment of short stories and screenplays.  Frustrated after selling only one short story at the time, however, he found an unlikely outlet for his artistic impulses when working on a tile project during a home remodel.  He spent the next several years teaching himself the art of designing and carving custom tile installations, which would eventually lead to him striking out on his own to develop his own business.  


In 2011 Matt moved back to Cape Cod from Boston to try to further develop his business among the shoreline residences that had become his primary clientele.  It was during this period that he decided to return to the classroom as well, and began his introduction to the world of graphic design.  

But the move proved ill-fated for a variety of reasons, however, and when the decision was made to sell the family home he no longer had any reason to be the sole remaining family member to remain on the east coast.  After earning his certificate in design from a local community college, he moved west to Tucson to be closer to family and further his education at the Art Institute of Tucson. During his time there he became president of the Ad Club, won a National Addy Award, and graduated with an Associates Degree and a 4.0 average.  


He did not, however, feel the experience prepared him thoroughly enough for the career he had imagined for himself in design, and after a few brief stints working at local ad agencies, once again found himself striking out on his own to create his own business, and teach himself what he needed to create the type of design and marketing work that he felt he should be doing, and that his clients deserved.  


Today he continues to work with an expanding network of clients and colleagues, developing and honing his craft as a designer, and working on projects at his downtown studio in the Ironhorse District, which has the industrial and blue collar feel that he has always gravitated to.  When there is the spare time to permit it, he buries himself elsewhere with writing, as well as traveling, hiking, reading, watching Boston Bruins Hockey, and getting his hands dirty on side projects with the guys from the metal shop he shares his space with. 

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Matt Mann


The Steeple at Boston's Old North Church was a favorite job site during the restoration days.


This rendition of Van Gogh's Starry night was among the first pieces created during the mosaic period. 

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Working on projects for start-ups and small businesses has allowed for the creative license that enhances a skillset.


A lot of time and effort was spent not only on the individual designs in tile, but in the technique of creating the designs and installing them.  Click the button below to view the gallery of some of the more significant pieces during this period.



During his last days back east, Matt also began exploring the possibilities of shingle design on the sides of houses and other buildings.  Click the button below to see more examples.  

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