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You know what you want your tomorrow to look like.

Let's start working toward it today.

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In Your Corner

Whether you are a small business, a start-up, or just an individual

with a big idea, it's important to work with someone who not

only can see your vision, but also help you shape it.

Creativity is really about connecting different things, willing something new into existence, and enjoying yourself as you do it.

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Five Steps To Design

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Fully focus on and understand the goal at hand, then

prepare and gather all the information needed to reach it.


Take a thorough and honest assessment at the current

situation and break down the variables that comprise it.


Step back and look at the elements from every possible

angle, and make new connections that didn't exist before.



Work hard to implement the new idea and then polish it 

repeatedly to ensure that it isn't just done, but done right.

Reflect on the results and test it to ensure whether or

not it validly corresponds to the original vision.


Design and creativity can seem very fluid, but it is a process like anything else, and often the ideas we start off with spill into other areas as our visions evolve.  If you need help with any of the steps, this might be the right fit for you.

Matt Mann is an independent operator in the field of graphic design, advertising and campaign strategy.  He moved to Tucson in 2014, trading in his former career as a craftsman to attend design school and pursue higher creative ambitions. But his former experience as a custom designer and small business owner continue to shape his career, and his desire to help his clients overcome the obstacles they face as they pursue their goals.

Matt's studio is located in downtown Tucson's historic Ironhorse neighborhood. He continues to be inspired by the warm and eclectic nature of his adopted city, and strives to contribute to the vibrant and creative tapestry of the community he now calls home.  


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Working directly with clients and colleagues is the number one advantage of being an independent operator.

Rich Moret
Moret & Associates Advertising

“In my 50 years in the advertising agency business, I have worked with many top graphic designers. Matt Mann is among the very best. His talent – combined with a tremendous work ethic – is truly rare. And I find he brings a fresh perspective to the projects we work on together (even offering great copywriting ideas). I highly recommend him!” - Rich Moret

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The latest blog post about creative projects for clients, friends, or just for inspiration.

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