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The Blank Brewery Rabbit

It's projects like this that were part of the reason to get into the field of design to begin with. Being given creative license to help a local start-up develop their branding is one of the most satisfying things one can ask for as a designer.

The client had a basic sense of what he was looking for and a rough layout in mind, and after the initial meeting it was clear a retro woodcut style for his label was what would be called for for the rabbit he envisioned.

The border is an inverted Art Deco style, and the fonts were picked to help compliment the style of the illustration to give it that early 20th century feel. Color had at one point been envisioned for the entire label, but after some experimentation it was agreed upon that leaving the single focal point of orange (and a little bit of green) would be the best option from a branding perspective.


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