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Matt Mann is a graphic designer, copy writer, and marketer who prides himself on the creative solutions he brings to his work. He focuses primarily on creative design and print layout, but has significant experience in the other mediums as well - including website design, digital and social media marketing, video and animation.  He has a team of marketing associates he works with to make sure his clients get the expertise they need for their particular situation. 


Matt moved to Tucson from Boston in 2014 to further his education and career in design.  He loves the welcoming vibe and open possibilities of the southwest, and helping his clients turn their vision into a reality. 


Matt Mann

Digital Woodcut

Adobe skills







A brief career in the world of Historic Preservation taught Matt the appreciation of fine craftsmanship, but the burn to do something more creative led him to explore the possibilities of design, first in tile and later in cedar shingles.. 

Mosaic Installation Example

Samples of design and installation process of custom tile layout project on Cape Cod, MA.

Jumping Swordfish BG.jpg

A small sample of some other projects from that era.

Jumping Swordfish BG.jpg

Thank you for visiting the website and reviewing some of the work, and please feel free to reach out if you have a project that you would like to discuss. 

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